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The trainers at Aegis are dedicated to giving the best possible service to our customers. We will make every effort to make your training as enjoyable and comprehensive as possible without adding unnecessary lessons. Our trainers were among the first to meet the new standards required for instructors in Queensland and are qualified to train new instructors entering the industry. They all have a deep interest in road safety and are keen to pass on their experience to you.

Driving in today's heavy traffic conditions requires a lot of skills and techniques that were not as critical in the past, so learn from those who are dedicated to improving your driving skills.

Aegis Training Services has representitives who become involved in road safety and who willingly give up their own time on a regular basis to help in improving the road safety for all road users. They are involved in many government and private road safety groups, including the Queensland Road Safety Advisory Group, the Motorcycle Road safety advisory group and the Driver Training Industry Working Group.

They also are asked on many occasions to act as advisors to industry and other interested people on road safety legislation and interpretations.

Training for learner drivers happens mainly on the south side of Brisbane.

Key Benefits

Self paced learning
Only for what you need
From the trainers who train trainers
Is done 7 Days a Week

Do you know your road rules?

Lets take a test to see if you know what you should be doing on the road. Here is a handy Queensland Government site that will give you a good idea in just a couple of min.

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Road Rules Test

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