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Certificate IV in Driver Instruction is a minimum requirement that must be completed to become a Driving Instructor in Australia. We are proud to be able to deliver these courses to our customers.  There are three separate streams for driving instruction Car, Heavy Vehicle and Motorcycle. If you want to become a Driving Instructor more information regarding each stream is listed below.

The Approved Driving Instructors Course is available at Aegis Training Services P/L. The Driving Instruction course is a 2 week course and can be combined with the TAE40110 Certificate IV in Training and Assessment qualification as well if you wish. This is necessary if you want to become a driving instructor for the Motorcycle qualification (TLI41416) and HIGHLY recommended if you want to become a Driving instructor for the Heavy Vehicle (TLI41316) up to HC Class, and required for MC Class, as most states now require both and it will be a requirement in all states in the near future. The TAE40110 qualification is not required for Car in QLD at this stage and there is no immediate plan for it to be a requirement in the near future, but many states do require you to hold both so please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Please Note:

The TAE40110 Certificate IV in training and assessment qualification is no longer able to be delivered after September 2017,and will be replaced with the TAE40116 Certificate IV in Training and Assessment. We are currently not able to offer the new qualification at this stage, but hope to be in the near future, please give us a call to find out more. This new Qualification though is expected to be a minimum of a six moth course and will be much more expensive than is currently available.

Become a trainer and help others gain from your knowledge

All Members of Aegis Training Services Pty have a high commitment to the quality and integrity of training and service.

John Bougoure and Kym Bougoure are the Directors and owners of Aegis Training Services Pty Ltd & because Aegis is a small family owned business it has retained the high levels of Service and Support that both John & Kym believe should be what you can expect of any business (but rarely see).   John has had extensive experience in the Training and Road Safety industries. First as an instructor for the Department of Transport Motorcycle Training Program. Later John Bougoure, in partnership, established Motorcycle Riding School, which then grew to be the largest Training School in its field in Queensland.

During this time John was involved in many areas of Road safety including as a witness for the Parliamentary Travel safe Committee.  John, after approximately 5 years, then joined the Department of Transport as an Examiner. During his time as an Examiner he was responsible for the testing of all classes of licence, as well as being involved in many of the new Road Safety initiatives implemented by the Department over the last 20 yrs. Some of these included being involved in the development of the current Queensland Driver testing methods (Q-Safe) and the negotiation of the Driving Examiners MOU. John is also a representitive for the industry on many Government panels, including the QLD Road Safety Advisory Group, QLD Motorcycle Safety Advisory Group, the Driver Training Industry Working Group, The Educational Standards for QLD Trainers committee and the Q-Ride Service Providers group. John also works as a consultant for Training and Assessment issues to industry from all sectors.

Prior to this John was a manager for Coles Myer Ltd and was responsible for the training and management of all staff and store operations.

Kym has had extensive experience in the area of small business and dedication to services, she first owned and operated a pool building business in NSW and then moved to QLD where she started work in a cinema. She soon showed a dedication for services and quality and within a short time became the first female projectionist in SE QLD. She has carried this dedication through to her own business in Aegis. Kym runs the office and is responsible for the administration and control of Aegis.

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