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Aegis Training Services Pty Ltd was started in 1997 and has evolved over the years to become specialists in the areas of Training and Assessment. We are the only Private RTO in Australia who can deliver anything in the Driver Training area that you will need to become a Trainer or Assessor in all Australian States in all classes of Vehicle.

The trainers at Aegis are dedicated to giving the best possible service to our customers. We will make every effort to make your training as enjoyable and comprehensive as possible without adding unnecessary stress. Our trainers are among the first to meet the new standards required for Trainers in Australia and are qualified to train new Instructors/Trainers entering the industry. They all have a deep interest in Your needs as an individual and will make every effort to adapt the Training methods to suit your learning needs and style, they are keen to pass on their experience to you.

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All Members of Aegis Training Services Pty have a high commitment to the quality and integrity of training and service.

John Bougoure and Kym Bougoure are the Directors and owners of Aegis Training Services Pty Ltd. Aegis Training Services is a small family owned business. It has retained the high levels of Service and Support that both John & Kym believe should be what you can expect of any business (but rarely see).   John has had extensive experience in the Training and Road Safety industries. First as an instructor for the Department of Transport Motorcycle Training Program. Later John Bougoure, in partnership, established Motorcycle Riding School.

During this time John was involved in many areas of Road safety including as a witness for the Parliamentary Travel safe Committee.  John, after approximately 5 years, then joined the Department of Transport as an Examiner. During his time as an Examiner he was responsible for the testing of all classes of licence. He was also involved in many of the new Road Safety initiatives implemented by the Department over the last 20 yrs. Some of these included being involved in the development of the current Queensland Driver testing methods (Q-Safe). He was also involved in negotiation of the Driving Examiners MOU. John is also a representitive for the industry on many Government panels, including the QLD Road Safety Advisory Group, QLD Motorcycle Safety Advisory Group, the Driver Training Industry Working Group, The Educational Standards for QLD Trainers committee and the Q-Ride Service Providers group. John also works as a consultant for Training and Assessment issues to industry from all sectors.

Prior to this John was a manager for Coles Myer Ltd and was responsible for the training and management of all staff and store operations.

Kym Bougoure

Kym has had extensive experience in the area of small business and dedication to services, she first owned and operated a pool building business in NSW and then moved to QLD where she started work in a cinema. She soon showed a dedication for services and quality and within a short time became the first female projectionist in SE QLD. She has carried this dedication through to her own business in Aegis. Kym runs the office and is responsible for the administration and control of Aegis.

Audit Report

To view Aegis Training Services Last ASQA Audit Report please click here.

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